Britannica Encyclopaedia. MAGA movement

MAGA movement, nativist political movement that emerged in the United States during the 2016 presidential campaign of its putative leader, Donald Trump.

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The Case for Banning Anti-Democratic Candidates

ELECTION What should democracies do about parties that use elections and other democratic means to

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The F-35s are meant for reliable allies

FACTS Geopolitics is not static. It includes variations in partnerships and alliances, as well as

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National Security Advisers Meet in Davos to Advance Blueprint for Peace in Ukraine

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, 14 January 2024 – Top Ukrainian officials together with Switzerland’s foreign minister presented the

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Année charnière. Henry Kissinger, l’odieux prix Nobel de la paix 1973

REALPOLITIK L’attribution du prix à l’ex-secrétaire d’État américain avait fait scandale. Pourtant, lors de sa

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L’émergence d’un nouveau système international

OLD NEW L’accueil chaleureux réservé à Vladimir Poutine à Abu Dhabi le 6 décembre dernier

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