Movie. LORD OF WAR 2005

ACTUAL Writer-director Andrew Niccol (« Gattaca ») scores a bull’s-eye with this sardonic satire. Bridget Moynahan, Jared Leto,

Music by Buffalo Springfield.

Born in Ukraine before the collapse of the Soviet bloc, Yuri arrived in the United States with his parents. He pretends to be a Jewish emigrant…

Audacious and a fine negotiator, he carved out a place for himself in the arms trade. The huge sums of money he earns also allow him to conquer the one who has always fascinated him, the beautiful Ava.

Along with this life as an ideal husband and father, Yuri becomes one of the biggest clandestine arms dealers in the world. Using his connections in the East, he multiplies the blows ever more risky, but each time manages to escape Jack Valentine, the Interpol agent who is chasing him.

From luxurious New York buildings to the palaces of African dictators, Yuri is playing bigger and bigger. Convinced of his luck, he pursues his explosive double life, until fate and his conscience catch up with him.. According to writer and director Andrew Niccol, the filmmakers worked with actual gunrunners in the making of this movie. The tanks lined up for sale were real, and belonged to a Czech arms dealer, who had to have them back to sell to another country. They used a real stockpile of over three thousand AK-47s, because it was cheaper than getting prop guns

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