Fashion. Here’s What Top Professional Models Look Like Without Makeup

MODELS. Famous models reveal their makeup-free faces and misconceptions about beauty and the fashion industry.

Five top international models, represented by Supreme Management, bare their faces and insecurities for the camera as they open up about life as a model and their relationship with makeup.

Vasilisa Pavlova Age: 22 years old From: Russia

“Many people think that we’re not real people, but we are as real as anybody else.”

“A lot of people think models wear makeup all the time but, as a matter of fact, when you go to the castings or jobs, they ask you to have absolutely no makeup on. Plus, there’s a huge team of very talented people behind all those pretty pictures making us look like this.”

“Because of my work I have to stay in a certain shape, but most people consider my shape as being too skinny or not too sexy. I don’t have boobs or an ass, so whenever I socialize, yeah, I’m self-conscious about it.”

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