Photography. Mother’s photos glorify a mermaid’s adventures

MODEL. One glimpse of the ethereal underwater portraits of Bahamas-based photographer Elena Kalis and you might find yourself questioning your life goals. After all, what’s more fulfilling than spending your days with your daughter exploring underwater caves, observing marine wildlife, channeling your inner mermaid and documenting it all?

Kalis got her start with underwater photography seven years ago, and she’s amassed an impressive portfolio of surreal portraiture since then.

While there are many models featured in her portfolio, her primary muse is her teenage daughter, Sacha, who possesses such a natural comfort and affinity for the water that it wouldn’t be too surprising if someone mistook her for a mermaid. She has shared the water with all kinds of wondrous marine animals over the years, including dolphins, stingrays, turtles and sharks.

Shooting portraits beneath the waves requires an extra investment in equipment — from underwater camera housings to scuba diving gear — but when the otherworldly refracted light of the water combines with the weightless whimsy of the models, it makes Kalis’ hard work seem worthwhile. Don’t take my word for it, though — continue below to see more photos! (Mother Nature Network)


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