Ethical Fashion Initiative

CLOTHES. We use fashion as a vehicle out of poverty, at the same time fulfilling fashion’s desire to be more fair. Ethical Fashion Initiative connects the fashion business with artisans in Africa and Haiti.

We provide work for marginalized people who have a strong desire to change their lives. We make it possible for the fashion world to embrace the skills of artisans in the developing world.

We are not a charity.

Our overarching goal is to empower women. We do this by creating work. By earning a regular income, women can improve the circumstances of their families and their communities. Work enables women to grow in confidence and gain respect. Everything we do is underwritten by solid economics and a strict code of ethics. While our production is 100% ethical and with a strong focus on environmental protection, this is not a niche « eco-fashion » project, instead a vast initiative reaching out to 7,000 artisans and across the world to fashion partners from Rome to Rio to Tokyo. We are truly local and global.

We bridge development work and the fashion system.

We recognize that fashion is driven by desire. We work with the industry’s leading talents to create the handcrafted treasures consumers crave; ones that are truly luxurious, including in ethical and environmental dimensions. What is truly rare is that we guarantee that every beader, every embroider earns not a survival wage, but a decent wage, which allows them to live in a dignified way

We want our designer partners to make a profit. We recognize repeat orders are essential to Ethical Fashion Initiative’s longevity.

We work to fashion’s high standards.

We do so through constant training so that our artisans can create what the market wants. We embrace those with traditional skills which we help adapt to the taste of a wider market. We welcome those with no artisan skills, who train with us on such crafts as screen printing and crochet.

We are Ethical Fashion Initiative, a UN initiative changing the way that international fashion business works.
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