Report. Green humanitarian: Defining Better Practices in Greening Field Operations.

Report. This report summarizes the results of two meetings held in late 2013 on sharing environment related information and experiences between the military, humanitarian and environmental communities. The report highlights commonalities between the two meetings and identifies next steps to improve the effectiveness in addressing environmental considerations during field operations

Following the Washington Exchange, during which military, humanitarian and environmental communities shared their current best environmental field practices, the Geneva Exchange aimed to further identify environment policies, practices and experience to define how to improve the overall impact of humanitarian action by reducing the potential for negative environmental impacts.

The Geneva Exchange took place on 5 and 6 December 2013 and was hosted by the UNEP/OCHA Joint Environment Unit. A total of 31persons participated (in-person and remotely) in the meeting, which generally followed the format for the Washington meeting but with a greater emphasis on identifying specific actions which could be taken to improve the exchange of information and identify areas of possible collaboration to address common issues.

Report here: greenhumanitarian.pdf

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