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I am a child from Africa.

I grew up in a kind of sophisticated wilderness and took for granted all that Karen Blixen so eloquently described in her writing.

The star-filled sky was my roof at night and the rising sun my early morning call.

Nature was my teacher and from her I learned my greatest lesson; that in Africa, God and the Devil are one….

Mirella Ricciardi


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Nakuru street life



Duka corner


Bleu Azur


Way to heaven



Deep throat


Just beautiful



Land Rover in action



Lake Nakuru


Zebra and white birds


Wish I was here




Shadow and light


Surprised zebra


The race




Main gate



Fashion on show



Matatu game



Naivasha lake




Looking down to Rift Valley



Self portrait


United competitors



Universal heart


Noir & blanc





Small Maasai market



Rainbow on wheels



Which direction please?





Black is beautiful





From the back




Going my own way




Downtown Nairobi


A Kenyan family


The young girl


Sarit Loto Girl


Malindi reef



Malindi Airport at Night


Our land


Tourist dust




Cry for Action


On the guard


Speed limit


Red shirt


Undergarnment for sale


View from the window


Exhaust system




Heavy duty


Fish & coke


The bottle




Street cabinetmaker


Riverside park gardener


The supervisor and the wooden map


Walking away


The cross


Smiling face


Pink mattress


White paint


Cleaning legs


Sortie d'Usine


Rear view


The lovers


Vert caca d'oie pomme pas mûre


Westlands flowers booth


On the road to Naivasha


Men working




Living merchandise


Rolling stones




Wrapping paper


The fish


A little chat


Ushumi's cashier


The boss


Les orphelins


Village Market's supermarket


Shop attendant


Black pearl


Lovers at Karen Blixen house


Malindi's police officer at work


Chop-chop adventure


On the balcony


But God loved you more


Street fruit shop


Twelve weels drive


Downtown bus station


Yes to the future




A full truck


Nairobi National Park


Red neck






Ancient face


Marriage at Mamba Village


Westland's glue sniffers


La belle sape




Looking at wild animals


Hello yellow




Embakasi plain




Get yer ya-ya's out !


Bump ahead



I read the news today


At the iron workshop


Special delivery


Clear water revival


Player in motion


Vue sur cour


KK officer


Angle right


Guards on duty


Step down the bus


Waiting for the Matatu


Mothers and sons


At the Maasai market





Beautiful trees


In the kitchen


Just do it !


My little red rooster




Sweet souvenirs


Ghost train


Great hat


East Africa colors



Yellow jersey




Live bomb


Blue gasoline


The transformer


lam 1


Slam 2


Colorful posters


Woman and the broken cart




Do you have a tool of 1/4 ?


Bad foot


Clic-Clac Kodak


The fence


Sleeping well


Woman event


Do not disturb


At the corner


Mirror game


Street boys





Pastel pastries


Happy guys


Ketchup bathtube


Swiss dialect


In front of the parking barrack


Right foot


Yellow submarine


Don't push me please


At different levels



Kiambethu farm guide


The scarf


Bad working shoes


Upside down


Rose de travail


I do not believe


Pneumatic bumper


Outstanding car


Well, well




Feeling good on my bike


Show me the machine gun


Road pottery


Back predator


Inferno gate


Old woman and the corn on the cob


The big head


Try a little tenderness


Nice smile


Dancing on the top of the car


A cup of tea


Limuru suburbs


Railways crossing


Tea field


A little rest


Cabalistic leaf


Unripe farmer


Kiambethu farm backyard



Kitchen look


Tiger man


On duty


Yellow man


Kid profile


Bilboard Equilibrists


Java coffee shop


Telephone girls


Islamic school to go for a walk




Through the window


Soft light




The Mall, Westlands


Cellular conversation


Shine on you


At Irene's Unisex & Barber shop, Westlands


The hairdresser


Waiting for my man


You gonna win


Posta P.O. Box


Open door


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